Does Project Management still matter in an Agile world?

Does Project Management still matter in an Agile world is a common question for those adopting agile and the reality is that Project Management matters more than ever. It may not be Project Management in the traditional sense following Prince 2, PMBOK, PMI methodologies to the letter but it is fluid project management where everything is far more transparent and there is a detection of potential issues, scope/feature creep, or blow out far far earlier than in the traditional approaches.

The role of the Agile Project Manager is to be far more hands on in terms of knowing where the project is at at far more frequent intervals. There are a number of ways to do this and no one component holds the key in isolation. Some of the ways that we see the Agile Project Managers role will differ include; more regular shorter meetings (scrum), total transparency across the project at all times, tools which facilitate collaboration and enablement of the team to know what needs to be done when.

So fundamentally yes, the Project Management functional still matters and has high importance in the agile world.