Reflections of Start up life - weeks 11 to 16

We've now released the Brix private beta and thank you to everyone who signed up last week. Highlights of the last 6 weeks: - We've made it to private beta, after a great deal of work in development, testing and discussion - We're happy that we're feature complete for the 1.0 release - Lessons learned in outsourcing areas where we dont have expertise and what not to do again. Key learning you can burn a lot of time and effort on this, relationships and quality are paramount. New site design coming shortly. Focus going forward: - Helping our private beta customers get the most out of Brix - Supporting the beta customers we have on board - Bug fixing and modifying the product based on customer feedback - Redesign of the site to be up within the next 5 days - Getting some more beta customers on board over the course of this week. If you'd like to be part of the BrixHQ private beta you can sign up here