Agile Software Development now mainstream

New research out from Forrester suggests that Agile software development is now mainstream with 35% of their respondents confirming they've adopting agile methodologies. With a further 11% having adopted RUP or Spiral methodologies. This raises the question is this really a true indication of the agile adoption in the 'real' world and is agile for everyone?

We've seen everyone from large software development teams inside Banks and the Financial Services industry adopting agile and agile is the obvious (or only) choice for start ups these days. "It's time for software development professionals to stop sitting on the fence where agile is concerned. According to those who have successfully adopted agile, the benefits are well worth the effort, and with the recent dramatic increase in agile adoption, the probability of working in or with an agile team has increased for everyone," Forrester said.

We'd love to hear your opinion on agile adoption in the real world and any upside or downside experiences.

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