Happy New Year and the trends we're seeing in agile in 2011

Happy new year to everyone and as the title of this blog post suggest we're getting on with it in 2011.  Our focus for this year (probably like most businesses), is to continue to focus on what we do best and deliver great agile project mangement tools for our customers and grow our business.

Agile Project Management Trends that we're se

- PM Leadership skills will be recognised as Critical Success Factors and recognised by Management and Executives.  

- The war for Agile PM talent is hotting up and no industry will be spared and Agile PM's will be able to work cross industries.

- The non-IT world is going to wake up to agile and recognise the tangible benefits to not just projects and the organisation.

- The lines between Agile, Scrum, XP and Kanban will be blurred based on what the project and the team need and how they want to run their projects.

- Project Sponsorship and Accountable Executives are going to be brought to the fore and be much more involved in the day to day Agile project process. 

- Enterprise Kanban is going to be recognised for the value it can add to projects, teams and the organisations and adopted beyond the post it notes on the wall.

- Outsourcing will continue to present challenges and risks to organisations and only the appropriate amount of due diligence and governance.

These are just some of the trends that we're seeing, we'd love your comments and thoughts on the Agile trends that you see in 2011.

We here at BrixHQ have a massive year planned and really looking forward to it and wish everyone great successes.