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BrixHQ makes online project management and collaboration easy and cost effective.

Brix is Online Project Management made easy!


The Dashboard gives you a visual snapshot of where your projects are at via; The Wall, Gantt Chart, My Tasks and Graphs.

  • Collaborate with your team online wherever they are
  • Offering agile functionality letting you add, update and edit in the Dashboard
  • Add a Project, Release (Sprint) or Task directly from the Dashboard in no time at all

The Wall

Visualise all your Projects and Tasks on The Wall.

  • Drag and drop tasks across the wall between Statuses and Releases
  • Tasks are shown with graphical representations of their category and red flags tasks that are overdue
  • Edit and Update Tasks directly from the Wall
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Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart gives you a graphical representation of your tasks and where they are all at.

  • You can edit Tasks directly in the Gantt chart just by clicking on them
  • The Gantt Chart let’s you drag and drop tasks as dates change
  • Filter the Gantt chart by; Day, Week and Month to give you the view you need
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My Tasks & Graphs

Project Graphs are always useful and we’ve created graphs with both the Project Managers and Members in mind

  • Project Managers can see how their Project Velocity is tracking against expectations
  • Project Members can see Tasks by Status on their own customized Wall which can be filtered by Week or Month
  • Project Managers can get a complete view of who has what on filtered by the Week or Month
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Reporting is part of all projects and we’ve create some flexible reports to ensure your needs are met

  • The Missed Deadline report is going to be crucial to any Project and you can filter by Project
  • Reporting is available for all users to give the total picture on the Projects.
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