1. Get Satisfaction

All Support is provided through the Get Satisfaction forum, here's a link www.getsatisfaction.com/brixhq 

2. Getting Started Guide

Click here to access our getting started guide for Brixhq:

Getting Started Guide 

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I want to upgrade or downgrade?

A. You can upgrade or downgrade your BrixHQ account at anytime

Q. Where is my data stored? 

A. We use Linode.com for all our hosting and all data is stored on their secure servers in the US.  

Q. What if I cancel. what happens to my data?

A. If you cancel your subscription to BrixHQ the system will go into Read Only mode and you want be able to update, edit or create new projects or tasks. Your data will be maintained on our servers for 12 months in Read Only mode, after this it will be deleted.

Q. Do you have a roadmap for BrixHQ? And how do I get my feedback heard?

A. We do have a Roadmap for Brix and we are looking to constantly evolve the product and make it better. We use the Get Satisfaction forum for all our support and feedback needs, so log your requests in here and we'll be sure to get them. We also believe in letting users steer the future direction of the product, so beyond the Get Satisfaction forum we'll be crowd sourcing product direction from time to time.  

Q. Why is it called BrixHQ?

 A. We came up with the name BrixHQ as both a representation of a solid foundation (Bricks) and that brick by brick a project comes together.  

4. Contact us 

For all support needs outside of Get Satisfaction and our FAQs you can email us at support@brixhq.com or go to www.getsatisfaction.com/brixhq